Eurodent’s guarantee scheme covers the period we guarantee that a crown, an implant or a prosthesis will last. Your new teeth will usually last for many more years than the warranty period says. You have the same guarantee for dental treatment at Eurodent in Budapest as at Eurodent in Norway. If something happens that is not going to happen with the new teeth you have got in Budapest, you do not have to go back there. We give you treatment at our clinic in Norway that suits you best. 

Warranty period for new teeth and fillings

Porcelain crown: 3 year warranty

Implant: 10 year warranty

Fillings and prostheses: 1 year warranty

The prosthesis warranty applies when a breakage or other damage to the porcelain is due to a fault from our dental laboratory or a fault from your dentist.

Damages not covered by the warranty:

  • Unforeseen injuries that are detected when your dentist prepares teeth for further treatment
  • Damage to teeth due to an accident you have been exposed to
  • Injuries caused by gum disease
  • Development of gum disease, or other disease of the gums, teeth and mouth
  • Unforeseen root canal treatments
  • Injuries that can occur due to dieting or obesity over a short period of time
  • Temporary crowns, bridges or dentures
  • Ejection of implant inserted by dentist
  • Bruxism (tanngnissning) og attrisjon (tannslitasje)

The guarantee does not apply when:

  • You do not come to the annual survey at Eurodent
  • If oral hygiene is neglected or you do not follow the dentist’s instructions
  • If you inform Eurodent too late after corrections of your dentures
  • When you do not have a receipt for any repairs with another dentist
  • The guarantee only applies to the implant screw itself
  • Injuries that occur due to the patient not following the dentist’s advice, e.g. use of rubbing rail
  • Inadequate information about one’s own state of health before treatment

Guarantee for treatment abroad

Norwegian regulations state that patients do not have the right to complain to  NPE  if they are not satisfied with the treatment they have received abroad. We want all our patients to be satisfied with the results they get from us, and therefore offer guarantee follow-up at all our clinics in Norway. If there is something you want corrected after the treatment, we do this either in Budapest or at one of our Norwegian clinics.

See the entire agreement: Terms for guarantee between patient and Eurodent Budapest