Teeth whitening is best done by, or in consultation with, the dentist. It takes only two hours to get whiter teeth at Eurodent!

If your teeth are discolored, whitening is the solution. Eurodent’s dentists or hygienists perform the bleaching in a safe and secure manner.

Eurodent uses the advanced Zoom! System for bleaching your teeth. Zoom makes your teeth several shades whiter.

The process of teeth whitening:

Your teeth are carefully cleaned so that the bleach comes in direct contact with the enamel. The dental hygienist checks if there are any signs of holes or anything that must be fixed before the bleaching. A new appointment is set for the teeth whitening.

The treatment with Zoom! is performed by our dental hygienist. Your lips and your gums will be protected with material specially made for this.

The hygienist puts bleach on your teeth. Zoom! bleaching lamp is directed to the teeth to be whitened.

The lamp and bleach break up staining and discoloration. You have this in your mouth for 15 minutes while the lamp activates the bleaching gel. This procedure is repeated 3-4 times every 15 minutes.

Now the bleaching is finished, and you can see the result. You need to calculate about two hours for this treatment. You will also get home bleaching which you will use for 1-2 weeks to improve the result. Home bleaching can be used over and over again when you want to renew the result. After bleaching, avoid drinking wine, coffee, etc., so that you keep the new color as long as possible.

We also offer home whitening

We also offer home whitening, where we take impression of your teeth and make special caps that you fill with bleaching gels.

Contact us to discuss which solution is best for you and your teeth.

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