Røntgenbilde sinusløft

Sinus lift is at a much better price at our dental clinic in Budapest!

If you need a sinus lift, you must calculate a week stay in Budapest. Norwegian warranty and follow-up at home. We arrange everything with the application for Helfo refund.

What is Sinus Lift and when is it necessary?

Sinus lift is a bone augmentation in the sinuses. The surgeon places extra bone material in the upper jaw around the jawbone cavity. Sometimes this is necessary to get enough bone height to operate dental implants in the area where new molars are to be inserted. Our oral surgeons at Eurodent in Norway and in Budapest are among the most experienced in Europe on this type of the operation.

The procedure is made under a good local anesthesia. An incision is made in the gum so that the bone appears. The surgeon makes a small oval opening in the bone before transplanting a small bone of the patient’s own. This gives you increased thickness of the jawbone. The surgeon will also add an artificial bone material on high quality. When necessary, it is usually done in the same operation with insertion of implants.

Sinus lift can be done with several varieties of techniques, depending on the patient’s bone structure in the mouth.

Bone graft

In some cases, the jawbone around the front teeth must be built up for your new teeth to be straight and fine when inserted. Here are also many techniques used, depending on what condition your jaw is in. Our surgeon will give you all the information if you need to have bone graft or sinus lift.

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