Dental treatment abroad has made it economically feasible for more and more Norwegians to get good dental health with a spotless smile. Eurodent gives you the peace of mind you need along the way.

Is it safe to take dental treatment abroad?

Eurodent in Budapest has a large staff of highly educated dentists and specialists who have treated thousands of patients from across Europe since its foundation in 2007. Very few dentists have more experience and expertise than them. All equipment at our dental clinic in Budapest is a state-of-the-art dental equipment. In addition, we have our own dental laboratory which is located next to the clinic.

Guarantee according to Norwegian rules

Eurodent guarantees you the treatment according to Norwegian rules. If something happens to your teeth, you get help at one of our clinics here at home. You will receive all other follow-up you need from our dentists in Norway. So Eurodent has made dentistry abroad safe and easy for you.

Significantly lower prices

The prices of dental treatment abroad are up to 70% below Norwegian prices. Then there is a lot of money to save, especially for those who need extensive repair of the teeth. Helfo provides a refund for the dental treatments abroad, in the same way as in Norway.

Is it really cheaper to choose dental treatment abroad?

Many believe that the total sum that you have to pay will be the same as in Norway when travel and stay expenses are paid. This is not true. You can have vacation in the beautiful city of Budapest when you are there for treatment and yet sit with considerable sums saved. Eurodent has good deals with hotels and airlines that give you reasonable rates. We also refund a significant proportion of your flight ticket when you are going to have large treatments.

What are you waiting for?

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