Inside your teeth there is a cavity with nerves and blood vessels called pulp. When you get holes in
this area, root canal may not be enough to completely dampen the infection. Then the oral surgeon
can amputate the root tip so that the infection disappears.

How does a root tip amputation happen?

The oral surgeon makes an incision in your gums and exposes the root tip. The root tip is removed,
and with it, the cause of your pain. The wound is sewn with a few stitches that are removed after
about 10 days. You get local anesthesia, so you don’t feel anything during the procedure.

How does it feel after a root tip amputation?

The local anesthetic goes out after about 3-4 hours. Then it may hurt a little around the wound. Our
oral surgeon will give you pain medication that will help with this.
It is important to avoid hard physical work and hard workouts for a few days after the procedure.

Check-up after 6 – 12 months

We set an appointment for control when the wound is healed. It normally takes 6- 12 months. We
take new x-rays and do a thorough examination to make sure everything is the way it should be.

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