The National Insurance’s benefit to cover expenses for dental treatment

We help you with all the papers in the application to HELFO!

Does dental treatment abroad entitle to social insurance?

The same rules that apply in Norway are valid when choosing dentistry abroad. When you go to our dentists in Budapest, you pay the full amount there. Your dentist in Budapest fills out all the paperwork you need. The application can be sent when you return home. You get the amount directly to your own bank account.

Direct refund at Eurodent in Norway

Our Norwegian departments are approved for direct settlement with HELFO. You need to pay only the non-refundable amount at our clinics in Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim and Alta.

When am I entitled to a refund from HELFO?

There are 15 conditions of the teeth that provide Helfo reimbursement:

Condition 1: Rare Medical Condition (SMT)
Condition 2: Lip-jaw-palate
Condition 3: Tumors in the oral cavity, adjoining tissues or in the head region in general
Condition 4: Infection prevention dentistry in special medical conditions
Condition 5: Diseases and anomalies in the mouth and jaw (dental and surgical treatment)
Condition 6: Periodontitis (gum disease)
Condition 7: Dental developmental disorders (congenital conditions)
Condition 8: Bite anomalies (dental regulation / jaw orthopedics)
Condition 9: Pathological loss of substance by attrition / erosion
Condition 10: Hyposalivation (dry mouth)
Condition 11: Allergic reactions to dental restorative materials (in the oral cavity or on the skin)
Condition 12: Tooth damage in approved occupational injury
Condition 13: Tooth injury in case of accident, not occupational injury (leisure accidents)
Condition 14: Highly impaired self-care ability for permanent illness or permanent impairment
Condition 15: Full or partial dental loss, without own teeth in the lower jaw

Our employees specialize in the support schemes from Helfo. We can answer any question if you are wondering if you can get money back. Call us 45 26 88 00.

Refund of travel expenses

Many believe that the large price difference between treatments in Norway and abroad will disappear if they add travel expenses. This is not the case: Norwegian, WizzAir and SAS have low prices for flights to Budapest, – from 350, – one way.

Eurodent covers travel expenses

Free flight to Budapest! Use Eurodent’s voucher for flight tickets up to NOK 2,000, applies to all treatments above NOK. 40,000. For treatments over kr. 20,000 we give you 1,000 in discount.

Book accommodation through us

You can book accommodation through Eurodent from just NOK 375, – per. night for 2 people. We have several hotels we work with that are close to the clinic.

Read more about hotels we recommend here.

Eurodent arranges everything

We arrange your trip and provide help from our Norwegian-speaking personnel who takes care of you in every way in Budapest. Our driver picks you up at the airport and drives you to your hotel without the extra cost.

Length of stay

For larger treatments, you need to be in Budapest one week, or five business days. For smaller treatments it is enough to have two or three days.

Do you have questions about dental treatment abroad?

Contact Eurodent by calling +47 45 26 88 00 and have a chat with us about your wishes. We assist you during the whole process.

We have clinics in Oslo, Alta, Bergen, Trondheim and Budapest – and of course we follow you up when you are home in Norway. At Eurodent you are in the safest hands.