If you lack several teeth, but some are remaining, partial denture can be a good solution for you. Another minor professional term used for this form of tooth replacement is false teeth. We will help you with the application for Helfo refund.

A partial denture at Eurodent costs from NOK 2 500. This means that you can save up to 70% compared to a private Norwegian dentist, and we can of course offer different ways of financing.

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Partial denture – a plate with artificial teeth

Partial denture is a plate with the artificial teeth attached to it. It is fixed in the mouth using clips that hold it in place.


The teeth are made of a white acryl, and the gums are made of acrylic material colored pink. They can either be made of one hundred percent acryl or have a metal base.

Book a consultation to discuss partial denture with your dentist here (link).

Color choice

Eurodent has modern technology that scans the color of your other teeth. Along with your dentist, you determine the color of the denture using a color scale.

Eurodent’s dental laboratory

Eurodent has its own dental laboratory that produces your prosthetics. It will take about a week from ordering until it is ready to use. Your dentist will teach you how to take the denture in and out, and how to clean it.