Grafisk fremstilling av tenner som må fjernes

We extract wisdom teeth at Eurodent. Need to pull out teeth? Choose between treatment in Norway or Budapest or choose a combination. In Budapest you get safe treatment at lower prices.

A wisdom tooth rarely does damage unless you are bothered with it. If you have inflammation or swelling of gums, this can be very painful and you should visit your dentist.

You should extract your wisdom tooth if:

  • You have inflammation of the gums
  • There are cavities in the wisdom or neighbor teeth
  • You have a «pocket» between the wisdom and the neighboring tooth. This becomes a collection site for bacteria and quickly leads to inflammation and other ailments.
  • The wisdom tooth disturbs the neighbor tooth
  • You get a cyst around the wisdom tooth roots. These cysts are completely harmless but can damage the teeth position.

When you have to extract a tooth, the dentists will use local anesthesia. You feel no pain. A normal tooth extraction runs quickly and without discomfort afterwards.

Simple tooth extraction

A simple wisdom tooth extraction by a dentist is usually a painless and quick procedure. You get an anesthesia and notice nothing. You may experience moderate pain when the anesthesia goes out, and for a few days afterwards. Common painkillers work fine.

Most people feel fine after the tooth extraction, but pain is individual, and some are most comfortable staying at home for a day or two.

At Eurodent in Budapest you are in safe hands, and we make sure to perform the extraction in the gentlest way.

Surgical removal of wisdom teeth

In some cases, it can be difficult to pull teeth. This is especially true for the wisdom teeth that cause problems and pain. In this case you need an appointment with our oral surgeon. He specializes in removing teeth that cannot be pulled out the usual way.

When you need to extract wisdom teeth by a surgeon, HELFO will cover parts of the dental treatment. We assist you with the refund papers.

Does it hurt to remove teeth surgically?

You get local anesthesia during the procedure and will not notice anything. Removing the tooth surgically involves an intervention in the jawbone, and it is therefore normal to experience pain the first few days after the surgery. Many people experience swelling, and some get bruises on their cheeks. It can also be difficult to eat the first few days after the procedure.

The pain in the days after is relieved by the medication you get from us after the treatment.

If you are anxious, please feel free to contact us in advance for a chat about your concerns. We assist you throughout the process, ensuring that you feel safe and secure.

After the surgical removal of the wisdom tooth:

  •     Avoid food, drinking and rinsing for the first three hours
  •     Keep the compress over the wound for 30 minutes after treatment
  •     When you notice that the anesthetic disappears, you may want to take painkillers to avoid discomfort
  •     Add an ice pack to your cheek for 15 minutes to reduce swelling

The dentist will give you good instructions and advice for the next few days.

Tooth extraction in Budapest

Please contact your closest clinic in Norway – Oslo, Alta, Trondheim or Bergen to discuss dental treatment in Budapest.

We give the first consultation and make a treatment plan for you here at home, so everything is ready when you travel.

Please contact us at our phone number +47 45 26 88 00.