Eurodent’s guarantee scheme applies to the time we guarantee that a crown, implant or prosthesis will last. The new teeth will normally last for many more years than the warranty period. We give the same guarantee for the dental treatment at the clinic in Budapest, as when you receive treatment at one of our clinics in Norway. If something goes wrong with the new teeth you’ve got at Eurodent in Budapest, you don’t have to go back. We repair it at our clinic in Norway that is closest to where you live.

Our warranty period for crowns and fillings

  • Porcelain crown: 3 year warranty
  • Implant: 10 year warranty
  • Fillings and dentures: 1 year warranty

The prosthesis warranty applies when breakages or any other damage to the porcelain is due to faults from our dental laboratory, or faults from the Eurodent dentist who have treated you.

Damage warranty does not apply to:

  •     Injuries that have not been discovered when your dentist prepares teeth for further treatment
  •     Damage to the teeth you have received from us due to an accident you have been in
  •     Damage caused by a gum disease
  •     Development of a gum disease, and other diseases of the teeth and the mouth in general
  •     Unforeseen root canal treatments
  •     Injuries that can occur when you lose a lot or put on a lot of weight in a short period of time
  •     Temporary crowns, bridges or dentures
  •     Expulsion of the implant inserted by the dentist at Eurodent

When Eurodent’s warranty does not apply:

  •     If you do not come to the annual check-up and other follow-up at Eurodent
  •     If the oral hygiene is not sufficient, or you do not follow the dentist’s instructions
  •     If you inform Eurodent too late after your dentures have been corrected
  •     When you do not have a receipt for any repair you have received from another dentist
  •     The warranty for the implant screws applies only to the screw itself
  •     Injuries that occur due to the patient not following the dentist’s advice, such as when using a nightguard
  •     Inadequate information about own health condition before the treatment is started

Read the entire agreement here: Terms of warranty between the patient and Eurodent Budapest. (In norwegian)