Grafisk fremstilling av frisk tann

First consultation

The first time you visit us, you will get the complete status of your teeth, a plan and a price for the treatment you need:

  • A panoramic X-ray of your teeth
  • A manual teeth examination
  • Mapping of the mouth condition
  • A further treatment plan
  • A detailed cost estimate

Price for consultation with dentist in Eurodent:

A first-time consultation with us in Eurodent Norway costs NOK 798 – and includes panoramic X-ray and an easy cleansing of the tartar if possible. In Eurodent Budapest you get your first consultation for free.

Panorama X-ray machine

We have modern panoramic X-ray machines in all our clinics. It takes a picture of your entire jaw from ear to ear. The dentist can see the nerves, jawbone, tooth roots and teeth crowns. A treatment plan takes into consideration the nerve positioning and bone structure of your mouth.

The dentist answers your questions throughout the examination.

You can even see your mouth using a small camera that sends pictures to a computer screen.

Find out how it works. Call us +47 45 26 88 00 for appointment with one of our dentists in Oslo, Bergen, Alta, Trondheim or Budapest.