Regular filling

When you have a hole in a tooth, we fill it with white filling material. It gives you a nice and natural looking result. We have stopped using amalgam. Composite fillings provide a much better and more durable result.

Firstly we clean away caries. Then we make a filling that we use to clog the hole. You can eat as usual after two hours if we have used anesthesia, and at once if not.

Root canal treatment

When you have holes that have been caused by bacteria which penetrated the nerve and cause an infection or inflammation, the root must be treated. When the nerve becomes inflamed, it dies. The inflammation can spread and give you pain along the entire jaw. If this is not dealt with, you may be terribly hurt.

We treat root canals with modern technique that is painless. The nerve in the tooth is removed. Then, at the same time, we remove what causes the toothache. A root canal treated tooth will never give you toothache again. Eurodent ensures that the treatment goes smoothly and without pain.

How does the dentist perform a root canal treatment?

The dentist drills the tooth and removes the infected nerves with a special instrument. Then he uses bactericidal liquid to flush the nerve channels. A bactericidal agent is added, and the tooth is temporarily filled. It is done so that the infection is stopped before the tooth is filled again permanently.

A root filling requires two visits in most cases.

When you come for the second time, we’ll check if the infection has disappeared, as it should. Then we remove the temporary filling and flush with germicide again. Finally, your tooth is filled with a white composite material. Now the roots are protected from new infections.

Price of root canal treatment

Root canals vary in complexity, and so do the prices. At Eurodent you pay between 1000 and 5375 NOK depending on complexity and where you do the treatment – in Norway or in Budapest.

No pain in root canal

You get anesthesia so there is no pain during the treatment.

Do you suspect a need for root canal treatment? Call us at +47 45 26 88 00 to book an appointment.