Dental clinics in Budapest, Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Alta

Eurodent’s employees from 21 different countries are highly educated and motivated to provide you with good dental care. They have been treating thousands of satisfied patients since 2007. Our specialists in Budapest have helped patients from all over Europe for more than 10 years. Their experience and expertise will benefit you as a patient.

Eurodent’s goals for good dental health

Eurodent’s vision is that everyone should have the opportunity for good dental health at a price they can live with, while at the same time the requirements for quality and guarantee are high.

Our dentists in Budapest give you safe and professional dental treatment at the price you can only dream of in Norway!

Our treatment philosophy

Dental treatment can be too expensive for many and prevent many from maintaining good dental health. It is especially here that we at Eurodent want to make a difference. For example, we have opened our own dental laboratory, which reduces costs. In addition, we are constantly working to get better prices from our suppliers, to be able to give you low prices, especially on large dental treatments such as porcelain crowns, dentures and dental implants. We are the dental clinic in Norway who gives you preparatory treatment at home before going to Budapest, guarantee according to Norwegian regulations, and any follow-up you need at one of our clinics where you live. It provides security for you as a patient. Safety and low prices have ensured that thousands of Norwegians have regained their dental health through Eurodent.

The service team is there for you

Eurodent’s service team writes and sends the application to HELFO for you. They help you with booking of your trip, accommodation and appointment for the dental treatment you will have in Budapest. They answer everything you need to know about dental treatment abroad.

Eurodent arranges the practicalities in Budapest

We have Norwegian-speaking personnel in place in Budapest who help you and those you have with you during the trip throughout your stay. When choosing Eurodent’s dental clinics, we guarantee you the easiest and safest way to get dental care abroad.

62.000 satisfied patients

Our dentists have been treating more than 62.000 satisfied patients in Norway and Budapest since the start in 2007. They have helped them with fillings, bridges, crowns, dentures and oral surgery. Now we can also provide you with braces and Invisalign in Oslo and Trondheim, and Incognito in Bergen. Our orthodontists are highly trained specialists.

Eurodent’s dental clinics are focusing on growth

Eurodent was started in 2007 by dentist Zsolt Murvai in Budapest. The company was initially named ED Dental.

Eurodent’s first dental clinic in Norway was opened in Akersgaten 16 in Oslo. Then Eurodent in Alta was opened in August 2010. In 2013, we got our own dental laboratory next to our clinic in Budapest. The dental clinic in Bergen opened its doors in 2014. Our latest clinic in Trondheim was opened in June 2018.

Eurodent will continue to develop

Eurodent is committed to providing you with the best and most modern dental treatment available. This means that we invest continuously in all new technology that comes within the field of dentistry. New technology means saving time and money. We give it back in the form of reasonable prices to you as a patient.

Contact Eurodent for an appointment or a chat about your needs.