Do you want a safe and affordable dental treatment in Budapest? At Eurodent you are in the safest hands, and you get an experience in an exciting city at the same time.

  •     Contact Eurodent to get your consultation and treatment plan here at home
  •     You book a flight ticket to Budapest when the date of travel is decided
  •     Eurodent orders your dentist appointment in Budapest and sends over your treatment plan
  •     Eurodent arranges free transportation between airport and hotel
  •     Eurodent can reserve hotels or you do it yourself if you prefer
  •     Eurodent will send you a confirmation with all the practical details you need for your stay

How much time do you need at the clinic in Budapest?

For porcelain crowns, dentures and other prosthetics: 5 working days

The following periods are recommended:

  •     Sunday to Saturday
  •     Monday to Saturday
  •     Tuesday to Tuesday
  •     Wednesday to Wednesday
  •     Thursday to Thursday
  •     Friday to Friday
  •     Saturday to Saturday

Remember that arrival and departure days are in addition to the 5 days of the dental treatment. If you calculate a week you are safe anyway. It is always advantageous to have a day or two extra in case you need to adjust and control the bite.

Implants or surgery

Insertion of an implant or a surgery: from 2 days upwards

The following periods are recommended:

  •     Monday to Tuesday
  •     Tuesday to Wednesday
  •     Wednesday through Thursday
  •     Thursday to Friday

For more than 3 implants, one day is recommended. If you do not know in advance how many implants you should have, you can stay 2 nights. Then you are sure that the treatment will be finished.

If you have received a dental treatment that includes a surgery, you will come to one of our clinics in Norway when the stitches are to be taken after one to two weeks later. Further follow-up also takes place at our dental clinics in Norway.

You can always contact us if you have any questions about dental treatment in Norway or Budapest. Call us at +47 45 26 88 00 if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.