Those who have an extreme dental anxiety can get dental treatment under sedation at our clinic in Budapest.

You are relaxed and calm as your dentist treats you and you wake up with new teeth.

What is sedation during a dental treatment?

Sedation is simply explained as relaxation, you get soothing medications that make you feel calm, and many people fall asleep easily. Unlike full narcosis, you are not unconscious.

Sedation during treatment is often chosen by those who:

  •     Have dental anxiety
  •     Must have an intervention that takes a long time
  •     Want to be treated with the least possible discomfort

Eurodent has its own anesthesiologist with years of experience

We have our own anesthetist in Budapest that is responsible for the sedation. She looks after you while the dentist is working.

You must have a doctor’s check-up in advance

To get a dental treatment under sedation, you must go through a thorough medical check-up in advance. The doctor makes a report that needs to be sent to our anesthetist in Budapest before departure.

Each patient is treated individually, and sedation is appropriate for most patients, except for those who have severe diseases such as unstable coronary disease.

Contact Eurodent to talk about the sedation and the dental treatment.

This is how a dental session takes place under sedation

You need to starve for six hours before treatment, but you can drink 1 glass of water up to two hours before the procedure.

Our anesthesiologist takes a quick health check and tells you what will happen next.

After sitting in the dental chair, you get a thin plastic cannula in your hand, giving you the medication intravenously.

Many stay awake, but very relaxed, while others fall asleep. It is always possible to wake you up quickly if needed.

When the dentist finishes treatment, you are awakened by the doctor. After 10 minutes you are ready to go out to the waiting room.

Here you wait around 30 minutes before you are ready to go. You can’t drive the same day.

Pros, cons and complications

Our anesthesiologist has, in his 25 years of experience, never been in serious complications, by proper dosing of the drugs.

The benefits of the sedation are that you reduce the pain and discomfort during the procedure, and the operation time is reduced by the dentist or surgeon getting easier working conditions.

The disadvantages will be that you become somewhat tired afterwards, but the half-life of the drugs we use is very short.

Dental checkup in Norway before you leave

You need to have a thorough medical check in Norway before your teeth can be treated during sedation.

Call our customer consultant to learn more about the sedation and the dental treatment: 45 26 88 00