We have seen the benefits and cost savings of having our own dental laboratory. We have employed highly trained dental technicians and specialists in teeth modeling. Our dental technicians give you crowns and dentures that are adapted to your needs. The high quality of work and material is a matter of course.

Own dental laboratory – an advantage for you

Most dentists in Norway let others take care of production of crowns and dentures. We have chosen to establish a fully equipped laboratory that is next to our clinic in Budapest. The waiting time for new teeth is very short, the quality is high, you get security through personal service, and the price is much lower than what you may have paid in Norway.

Collaboration between dental technician and dentist

The dental technicians and dentists work together to get the best results on your new teeth, whether you just need a single crown, or if you need a new set of teeth.

Tannteknisk laboratorium

We have our own dental lab in Budapest

Eurodent has purchased the new digital CAD / CAM technology. CAD / CAM stock with 3D scanning. 3D scanning of teeth provides high quality with precision on color reproduction, in less time than a manual system.

The dental technicians are proud of their profession

Our dental technicians take pride in producing crowns, dentures and bridges of a very high quality and strength. Our Giroform modeling system from Amann Girrbach is the best modeling system for new teeth.

Prostheses, bridges and crowns free of nickel alloys

Shera Alloy is a nickel-free metal. It is known to have a unique strength for use in the core of dental crowns. You don’t have to be afraid of getting metal allergies.

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