If you have one or more broken teeth, they can become like new with porcelain crowns.

Your teeth will be like new with porcelain crowns at affordable prices at Eurodent. Our prices are low at our clinics in Norway, and even lower if you choose our dental clinic in Budapest!

We often use porcelain crowns to repair one or more teeth. Sometimes as a single tooth, and sometimes as a bridge.

Price of a dental crown

A metal-based porcelain crown at Eurodent costs from NOK 4,500, and you can save over NOK 1,500 compared to usual Norwegian dentist. A metal-free dental crown of Zirconium or E.max costs from NOK 5,800. So you save a lot of money compared to most dentists in Norway.

Dental crowns made of porcelain with metal core cost only NOK2,500 in Budapest. Metal-free crowns made of zirconium cost NOK3,250. You save up to 70% compared to the prices at Norwegian dentists.

This is what we do when you need a porcelain crown

Your tooth is prepared with a light grind. The dentist then takes an impression of your tooth with a 3D-scanner and scans the color of the teeth next to it. Along with the dentist, you determine the color of the new crown using a color scale. You get a temporary crown while waiting for the crown to be made by our dental laboratory. Finally, you come back to your dentist and get the crown put on.

Is there any pain after inserting a porcelain crown?

You get local anesthesia when your dentist prepares the tooth for crown. After the anesthesia disappears, the prepared tooth can become sensitive for a few days. Non-prescription, analgesic or anti-inflammatory agents will help with this.

The nerves form a new protective layer that causes the soreness to disappear within 2-4 weeks.

You can use the porcelain bridge as normal teeth 2-3 hours after you have received it.

The bite needs to get used to the new teeth. Therefore, it is recommended that you chew gently the first week in order to prevent damage to the porcelain crown.

Porcelain crowns with or without metal

Metal-free porcelain crown with zirconium

A metal-free porcelain crown with Zirconium is the latest innovation in porcelain crowns industry. It is pale white and ideal for aesthetic dentistry. Zirconium can withstand great stress when biting and chewing.

Today’s dental treatment places great demands on environmentally friendly materials. Environmentally friendly materials are important both for not risking metal allergies when you get new teeth, and for the environment around us. The porcelain crown with zirconium meets all these requirements, while being a strong material. Zirconium technology is developed in Germany.

At Eurodent you can choose a material that is neat, strong and environmentally friendly!


Zirconium is a translucent material that can be adapted to the color that is right for you. Zirconium is the best choice for those who are concerned about how the teeth would look like.

Unique strength

Zirconium has a strength and durability that allows you to use your teeth for the chewing tasks you are used to from before, whether those are front teeth, canines or molars.

Zirconium for you with metal allergy

Zirconium is the best choice for the reparation of the teeth that are clearly visible when you smile. Zirconium is completely safe to use if you have metal allergy.

Pure porcelain crown

Crowns in pure porcelain can be applied to discolored incisors, and to close gaps between teeth.

Porcelain crown without a monolithic core

If the strong core of your tooth is not damaged, there is no need for a strong core in the porcelain crown. Porcelain crown without strong core is perfect for repairing teeth that are not used for hard loading.

Several applications

When you have incisors or canines that need refreshment, a pure porcelain crown is the best choice. It is more stable than a veneer and has the same price.

Porcelain crown burned to metal

When you have a broken tooth, the choice of a porcelain crown burned to metal is the most affordable option. Porcelain crown burned to metal is as strong as porcelain crown with zirconium. The difference is that it contains metal. This crown is made of Japanese Noritake porcelain or Ivoclar, German porcelain.

A porcelain crown burned to metal looks like a regular tooth. If you look very closely, you can see the difference between a porcelain crown burned to metal and your other teeth. This type of crown is therefore mostly used for molars that you do not see when you smile. If the appearance of your teeth is very important to you, we recommend porcelain crown with zirconium for incisors and canines.

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