A bridge can replace one or more teeth. It can be made as a three-piece bridge, or an entire arch bridge. The dentist puts crowns on the teeth next to the open space. The new tooth is stuck between these crowns. This way you get a new tooth where before there was an open space. A fixed bridge takes 3 working days in Budapest, and you get a Norwegian guarantee and all follow-up at home.

Price of a dental bridge in Norway

A metal-based porcelain bridge at Eurodent in Norway costs from NOK 13,500. A metal-free Zirconium bridge costs about NOK 17 000. You save up to NOK 10,000 compared to a private Norwegian dentist, and we can of course offer different ways of financing.

Below half the price in Budapest

Why not take a city break and get a bridge for under half the price at our dental clinic in Budapest? Our dental laboratory is next door to the clinic, so here you get your new bridge in record time.

The metal-ceramic dental bridge at Eurodent in Budapest costs from NOK 6,750 (2,500 x 2 bridge pilars + 1,750 for pontic), saving up to NOK 10,000 compared to Norwegian dentists.

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Necessary preparations before inserting a fixed bridge

When you need a bridge, the teeth next to the missing tooth will be grinded and adjusted to a crown. The bridge should be attached to these teeth. Then it is important that they are healthy and free of caries. If there is a lot of the dental substance to be removed from the teeth the bridge will be attached to, a root canal treatment will be required.

Casting your teeth

Once your teeth are ready, the dentist will take a digital impression and send it to the dental technician who will design the bridge. Our dental laboratory, which makes the bridge, is next door to the clinic in Budapest.

The color of the bridge

You will get the color of the bridge that is most like your other teeth. Using a scan of your teeth, the dental technician will see how it should be. You can choose the color with the dental technician or your dentist.

A temporary bridge

The dentist will give you a temporary bridge that will be glued on while you are waiting for the new one. Our dental laboratory in Budapest makes the new bridge the day after. When you do the treatment in Norway, it will take about 1-2 weeks for the bridge to be produced and delivered.

The bridge is cemented

Now the new bridge should be glued into your mouth. We call it cementation. The dentist attaches it with a special adhesive that is so strong that you can use the bridge as you use the rest of your teeth, after just a few hours.

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