A smile you are happy with has a lot to say for your self-confidence. The smile is often also determining what kind of impression other people get of us. Eurodent will be happy to help you with your teeth and give you the confidence back.

Teeth whitening for a sparkling smile

Our teeth are exposed daily for influences through food and drink. These stresses cause them to become yellow or discolored in other ways. Teeth whitening can be the solution for you, if you want white teeth. Our dental hygienists bleach your teeth in a safe and professional manner, and the entire treatment only takes two hours.

Teeth whitening is safe with the dentist

The chemicals that bleach your teeth can cause damage to your gums if they come in contact with the skin. The safest thing is to let our experienced dentists help you.

Veneers give you straight and white teeth

If you have gaps between the front teeth, perhaps one or two teeth with a damaged enamel, or a crooked tooth, the veneers can be a good option for you. A little grinding of the teeth is needed before the veneers can be glued on and give you a new and beautiful smile.

Gold or diamond tooth jewelry

The latest in cosmetic dentistry is putting jewelry on your teeth. You can get a diamond on a front tooth, a gold jewel you choose from our range, or a piece of jewelry you have bought yourself. The dental jewelry is glued on using filling material as hardened. It leaves no marks on the tooth when you remove it.