Puss av helprotese, også kalt gebiss

If you are missing all your teeth, a traditional complete denture is the solution for you. Another minor professional term used for this form of tooth replacement is false teeth.

Price of dentures and whole prosthesis

A full denture at Eurodent costs from NOK 4 500. This means that you save up to NOK 7000 compared to a private Norwegian dentist, and we can of course offer different ways of financing.

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An economical alternative

There are big sums to save if you take treatment at our dental clinic in Budapest! We help you with Helfo reimbursement both in dentistry abroad and at home in Norway.

Replace your teeth with dentures

The most common is to have 28 teeth in the mouth, 14 in each jaw. Whole dentures give you 28 new teeth so that you can chew and use as regular teeth.


Firstly, what you have left of teeth and roots must be extracted. Then you get a temporary prosthesis that you should use while the wounds grow after the tooth extraction. This takes 3-4 months.

Your prostheses should be attached using glue and vacuum and will be easy to take in and out to clean in the evening and morning.

Dental prosthesis

Now your new teeth will be in place. Your dentist takes several impressions to make a denture that fits you perfectly. The denture is normally stable, and you use your teeth in the usual way. Now you have brand new and functional teeth, and a beautiful smile!

Adaptation to your new prosthesis

Your mouth will get used to the denture. This may take some time. If the denture does not fit properly, or if you have other problems, we will help you to adapt it.