3Shape TRIOS3 mouth scanner

The dental technology is developing rapidly. Previously we used impression materials and made a template of the teeth in plaster that the dental technicians could work with. Now we scan the mouth with a digital mouth scanner. Thus, the job is done faster and without any kind of discomfort.

Perfect images with new technology

Eurodent’s 3Shape mouth scanner provides sharp images that are sent directly to the dental technician’s computer. Thus, the production of your new teeth can thus be started immediately.

3Shape mouth scanning gives you many benefits

  •     The dental technician gets a perfect impression of your mouth
  •     You don’t have to get impression materials in your mouth
  •     The images from the scanner are sent to the dental technician immediately
  •     The images provide a perfect starting point for the production of your new teeth.
  •     Adapting the new teeth becomes unnecessary
  •     The process becomes faster and more comfortable for you as a patient
  •     The images are stored in your patient file for later use

We have clinics in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Budapest and Alta. You can choose to do the treatment in Norway, or we can discuss the possibilities of continuing your dental treatment at our clinic in Budapest.

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