Our lab is made up of a large group of highly skilled dental technicians and specialists stationed throughout the world and can provide high quality aesthetic and reconstructive work with one to one personalised service.

In-house Dental Lab: Most dental offices send all their laboratory work to outside labs but we have our own full equipped dental laboratory in our clinic, on the same floor as our dental clinic so all the grounds are given to treat our patients ’needs effectively with competency and confidence.

The dentists and laboratory technicians work together to achieve the best results from single crown restoration to full mouth reconstructions. This partnership provides exceptional custom solutions for our patients, resulting in a perfect fit, with less wait.

Digital Dentistry: In our laboratory, we use CAD/CAM technology  which provides a solution for the design and manufacture of high quality dental restorations in 3D; faster, easily and more accurately when compared with conventional manual techniques. The digital scans are extremely detailed and offer more precession than traditional impressions. Accurate computer images allow our lab technicians to fabricate restorations that are of the highest and most predictable quality.

We pride ourselves on using only the very best materials both in crown and bridgework and prosthetics and we are constantly striving to be at the very forefront of all new materials and techniques: We use the Giroform model system from Amann Girrbach. Giroform system smarts plaster expansion and is scientifically proven to be the most accurate model making system. Our metal department use the best quality Shera Alloy metals with its Shera bedding system. We only use nickel free bases for our restorations  that are suitable for patients with the allergy to metals.

We use the unparalleled shading system of GC Initial to create aesthetic restorations. With GC initial system we can achieve perfect and superior aesthetic results.

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